Goodfellas Goes to 11 in Casino

Casinos offer a variety of entertainment and social interaction, potential winning money, and other benefits to their patrons. They also contribute to local economies through tax revenue, tourism, and other activities related to gambling. In addition, casinos often employ security personnel to ensure that patrons do not become victims of crime or addiction.

Regulatory bodies are responsible for ensuring that modern casinos adhere to strict guidelines and protocols designed to prevent gambling-related issues. These include the monitoring of problem gamblers, the provision of addiction support services, and the enforcement of building and security standards. Casinos are also required to maintain a high standard of customer service, which is important for the integrity of the industry as a whole.

Martin Scorsese dialed up Goodfellas to 11 in Casino, his film about the mob life of Las Vegas casino kingpin Sam “Ace” Rothstein (Robert De Niro). The movie is over-the-top in many ways, with back-and-forth narration dumps from Ace and best friend Nicky Santoro (Joe Pesci) and a lot of melodramatic violence—including the attempted murder of an addict by a vice, a car bombing, and a buried-alive scene.

But despite its opulent backdrop and seedy characters, the movie never sags or becomes boring. Its pacing is tight and the editing is masterful, keeping the viewer riveted until the end. And the costumes—worn by a cast of well-known actors—are gorgeous. Rita Ryack and John Dunn designed them for a budget of $1 million.

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